How Gerber Group processes invoices 12x faster with Archie

How Gerber Group processes invoices 12x faster with Archie



Faster invoice processing

Faster invoice processing



Faster talent onboarding

Faster talent onboarding



Hours saved each month

Hours saved each month

“Today, I can approve all of our invoices for all of our properties in just a few minutes.”

Mike Clemente, Director of Guest Relations, Gerber Group

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Gerber Group

About the company

Gerber Group is a renowned hospitality management and nightlife organization that has made a significant impact on the global hospitality industry. With a rich history, the opening of its first property, The Whiskey at the Paramount Hotel, Gerber Group has established itself as a premier player in the creation, development, and operation of iconic bars, lounges, and restaurants across the United States and beyond.

The Challenge

Gerber Group's lean team sank countless hours into invoice processing

Gerber Group operates six restaurants and nightclubs, all employing freelancers like hosts, promoters, and DJs. Every month, that adds up to hundreds of outstanding invoices.

Adele Israel, lead Accountant at Gerber Group, handled events and entertainment payment processing with just one other staffer. As the business grew, it became a big challenge to stay on top of things via email and sending paper checks — the system quickly became unmanageable.

Not only would approving invoices and cutting checks take 2+ hours weekly, but Adele also faced constant, time-consuming distractions, such as:

  • Contractor error: If contractors listed inaccurate information (i.e., wrong mailing address), this interrupted and delayed payments.

  • Email tag: Worried about payment status, contractors then flooded Adele's inbox.

  • Chasing checks: In response, she'd cancel the check and write a new one, restarting the entire procedure.

It was clear this manual system was unproductive for all involved. Gerber Group needed a scalable payments solution to free up time and focus on what matters: the guest experience. After trusted industry peers recommended Archie, Adele decided to reach out.

"Before Archie, managing invoices was like a daisy chain. We were cutting dozens of checks across multiple properties. I was constantly fielding phone calls and emails. At the end of the day, it just took up too much time, and it wasn’t sustainable as our business grew."

The Solution

Archie streamlines payments with a single source of truth that’s built with hospitality in mind

Thanks to Archie, no one has to play any more email tag or chase checks. Gerber Group’s internal team and vendors alike can simply log into our platform and click into an invoice. According to Clemente, Archie’s unparalleled levels of authorization give everyone visibility into their payment status: “With Archie, everybody knows where their money is.”

He highlights how Archie is a win-win for both hospitality businesses and contractors:

  • No more scrolling your inbox — Clemente gets an instant overview of every invoice. Before Archie, processing took over an hour using poorly designed, old-school payments tools. Today, he groups invoices by property and quickly approves or denies them in under 5 minutes.

  • Every new vendor is onboarded seamlessly through Archie. They have to upload tax docs like W-9s before submitting a single invoice. Archie also flags any incomplete invoices, reducing back-and-forth corrections. “If you’re filling out a form in Archie, there’s almost no chance you can't do it the right way,” explains Clemente.

Another bonus for everyone: Archie eliminates the headache of sending and waiting for physical checks. Once a week, Gerber Group’s accountant issues ACH payments from our platform and easily reconciles everything with QuickBooks.

"I love how we can directly deposit our contractors' money. Everybody is looped in the entire way. All of our vendors know exactly when a payment will be received, approved, and ultimately paid out. We no longer get tons of phone calls and emails because the talent can see everything in Archie."

The Results

Gerber Group processes invoices 12x faster and reclaims time for what matters: improving the guest experience

Since switching to Archie, Adele and her support staffer easily manage hundreds of monthly invoices — spending just 10 minutes weekly on contractor payments.

Gone are the days when Gerber Group’s bandwidth was consumed by waiting on event coordinators to process payments. With Archie, talent receives their money faster, and Gerber Group can focus on what matters: delivering unforgettable guest experiences.

Today, the team at Gerber Group enjoys:

  • 12x faster invoice processing

  • 2x faster contractor onboarding

  • 20+ hours saved monthly

Looking forward, Gerber Group plans to continue scaling operations — without the time-sink of invoicing. With payment processing on autopilot, Gerber Group is free to program these venues further and design an incredible guest experience.

"I let the Archie team know exactly what I needed to make their system work for me — and they delivered. They're amazing to work with because they're true partners who'll do what it takes to achieve your goal."

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