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How Public Records saves 20 hours each week paying 1099 talent and their managers

Archie takes out all the redundant data entry and information management we had to do. Using Archie gives our booking team free time to build relationships with our agencies and artists.

Cristopher Wagner, COO at Public Records

The Simple Payments Club

"If you are committed to having your vendors trust you more, then you should trust Archie. Not only will their payment solution save you time, but it will show your vendors that you have their best interests at heart."

Director of Finance
Rebecca Drabczyk, The Standard Highline

"Thanks to Archie, I have freelancer invoicing down to a science. It takes 10–15 minutes to do all the accounting from start to finish…we’re getting the ability to spend more time improving our guest experience."

Adele Israel, Gerber Group

"All we have to do is log into Archie, and set up a project, and voila, the miracle works"

Accounts Payable Supervisor
Abi, Soho House

“Archie was intentionally built for hospitality teams from day one. The outsized value lies in what you’ll regain in time and what you won’t lose in revenue thanks to this platform."

David Mitchell

“We work with a high volume of event partners, whom we want to get paid as quickly as possible. Since onboarding, they’ve brought a lot of transparency to our payment process and reduced the manual labor involved.”

Head of Events
Ruggy, Soho House

“I chose Archie for the ease of keeping track of vendor payments across the board - the platform will definitely come in handy end of year."

Jerk X Jollof
Brendan Asante, Founder

“I handle finances and accounting for multiple businesses. With data all over the place, it makes financial decisions quite difficult. Presenting Archie to my client turned out to be the remedy for a big challenge – tracking vendor invoices. With all freelancer payables centralized and organized in one platform, Archie not only enhanced team visibility but also streamlined the accounting process, making it notably simpler."

Director, gap MGMT
Dayanis Lima

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