How Everyday People pays independent contractors 90% faster on Archie

How Everyday People pays independent contractors 90% faster on Archie



hours saved per month

hours saved per month



faster invoice processing time

faster invoice processing time



invoices processed every month

invoices processed every month

“I spent hours a week on payments when I could’ve been working on our broader strategy. Since pivoting to Archie, I open one centralized database, click two buttons, and everyone’s paid.”

Sinclair Bolden, Managing Partner and COO at Everyday People

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Companys name

Everyday People

About the company

Everyday People is a global event brand celebrating Black joy and the African diaspora. Labeled “The World’s Coolest Day Party” by Vice, Everyday People began as an intimate gathering of creatives in New York City. Everyday People produces flagship residency events in New York and Los Angeles along with seasonal activations across Europe, the African continent, and Brazil. Beyond live shows, they partner with community members to activate safe spaces for discourse and dialogue.

The Problem

Dozens of contractors, all requesting payment in different ways

Everyday People hosts multiple events per month, each requiring anywhere from 15​​–30 contractors. That adds up quickly to a lot of payments. Sinclair Bolden, Managing Partner and COO, typically processes around 150 invoices a month. 

Before Archie, Everyday People’s payments process was highly fragmented. Many of their contractors are young creatives, who don’t yet have a clear invoicing process themselves. 

  • Many contractors wouldn’t even create invoice PDFs — they’d just email Bolden their PayPal, Zelle, or CashApp details. He then had to manually search through his inbox for these payment requests. 

  • He often had to flag missing info, leading to extended delays and back-and-forth emails. 

  • To save time, he’d use the contractor’s preferred payment tool, but this meant more headaches when reconciling expenses down the line. 

The result? Bolden spent 5–6 hours a week just getting people paid. Juggling invoices also broke up his deep work sessions, distracting Bolden from more essential or strategic tasks.

“Anyone in this line of work knows how hectic paying contractors can be. It was taking too much bandwidth to manage all of the different ways they’d send invoices.”

The Solution

Archie standardizes and centralizes every invoice in one platform

Bolden didn’t realize how much time he could free up until he tested Archie. Instead of spending over an hour a day on payments, he now approves and pays every invoice in just 30 minutes a week! 

Here’s Archie’s simple, centralized workflow that’s winning back Bolden’s valuable time: 

  • Archie automatically requests the info Bolden needs from his contractors. Contractors can’t onboard or submit an invoice without first sharing their W9 and payment details.

  • Once a week, Bolden opens Archie, approves invoices, and sends ACH payments in two clicks. No more email tag and juggling multiple payment platforms. 

  • At tax season, Archie automatically generates 1099 forms for every contractor. Bolden no longer needs to chase down freelancers at tax season. 

Archie makes life easier for Everyday People’s creative contractors, too. They don’t need to create a new invoice for every gig — they just log into Archie and submit invoices in 3 clicks.

“When I onboarded with Archie, I knew it was a game-changer. It was so simple, so clean, and made so much sense.”

The Results

Now that invoicing is 90% faster, Everyday People can focus on the music

Archie is so seamless that for Bolden, payments don’t even feel like part of his workload anymore: “I don't even need to think about it. Every Friday I just open Archie, approve the new invoices, and send payments.” 

As a result, we’ve freed up significant time for the Everyday People team: 

  • 20+ hours saved per month

  • 90% faster invoice processing time

  • 150 invoices processed every month

With Archie, Bolden can also reclaim his focus. He’s no longer chasing payments. He’s doing what he does best and loves most: planning events that celebrate Black culture and create safe spaces for people of color.

“Now, thanks to Archie, my mental bandwidth can be dedicated to the essential work we do: producing events and connecting with culture.”

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