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Building a better-served creative economy with tools for businesses and the freelancers they hire.

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Archie simplifies payments where it matters the most: on — and in — paper (money)

We make stabilizing financial tools and resources that take the unpredictability out of the business-freelancer relationship. From cashflow management to immediate payments, Archie streamlines the business of doing business.

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cold, hard financial tools...let's boogie!
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You & Archie, Inc.

Get a glimpse of what Archie can do for you. Choose one of the options below.

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We’re building tools for the future of work to bring back the pleasure of doing business. Freelancers are no longer behind the scenes…they’re the backbone of THIS HOUSEHOLD🕺Happy #nationalfreelancersdayIT’S A ONE TIME THING: freelancers, you only ever have to create one W9 when using Archie, no matter how many gigs you take on. Gone are the days of PDFs and manual filing.Invoicing (for clients AND freelancers) shouldn’t be scary. We bring back the pleasure of doing business…💸

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